Saturday, April 29, 2017

Statistics from Polish Cat Shows - Chapter #6

The average cat show in Poland for year 2017 (up to end of April) would look like below.

The BIS results would be as follows:

Based on the average during a show weekend one cat would be disqualified.

9 cats would be absent from a show day. From category 1 it would most likely be a ragdoll, from category 2 it would be maine coon, from category 3 a british shorthair and from category 4 a devon rex.

During a show 22 BIVs would be given and 38 cats would be nominated for Best In Show (incl. veterans, litters and housecats).

If you receive BIV you have 22% possibility of gaining Best In Show.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Statistics from Polish Cat Shows - Chapter #5

And now lets move on to Category 4 show entries and results. If you missed the previous categories, please take a look here.

As said in the earlier chapters, the data for year 2017 is up to end of April and includes the shows held in Poland before that time.

487 entries in total, and they fall per breed as follows:
The most popular breeds were Sphinx, Russian blue and Devon Rex.

63% of the cats signed were females, which is 4% higher than the average.
And as with other categories, classes 9, 11 and 12 were the most popular ones.
Blue and black are again dominating as colors. Red is the good runner up on the third place.
10,8% of the cats signed for category 4 were absent on the show day. It is 1,8% higher than the average.
Total of 45 BIVs were given.
168 Nominations were given, from which 77 lead to BIS.
And below is the list of entries per judge, Mr. Veikko Saarela having the most category 4 cats to evaluate.
And finally the amount of cats who were nominated and achieved Best In Show per judge.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Statistics from Polish Cat Shows - Chapter #4

And to continue with the statistics, below you can find the data for category III cats. The data is up to 24th of April, 2017.
If you missed the previous statistics, you can find them all from here.

So lets get started!
In total 672 entries. British shorthair, Bengals and Burmas being the most popular breeds to sign up for the show.
60% of the cats signed were female.
And as per with other breeds, most popular classes were 9, 11 and 12.

Black and blue were the most popular colors.

7.7% of  the cats signed were absent on the show day.
Results given were as follows:
Total of 60 BIVs were given, and most of them for BSH.
165 Nominations for Best in Show were given, from which 69 lead to BIS (41.8%)
And here is a list of how many category III cats were signed per judge.
And the percentage of cats who were nominated and achieved Best in Show.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Statistics from Polish Cat Shows - Chapter #3

Below you can find some statistics from cat shows in Poland (year 2017 - data up to 25th of April, 2017) for category II. 
If you missed the previous posts, take a look here.

First of all, the split between breeds. It is quite visible which is the most popular cat breed from category II, Maine Coon with 50% of the entries. Later on with more data I will be making individual statistics from only Maine Coons.

The division between sexes is almost equal to the one in Category I and all breeds.
The division between show classes is as follows. 9, 11 and 12 are again the most popular classes to show cats. 

Below is the chart of division by color. As in category I, I have not included litters and the color is just the "base" EMS color without any splits between tabbies, cats with white and so on. These statistics I will then provide when examining stats per breed.
For category II the most popular color was black (n), followed by blue (a) and black tortie (f). 

The given results from the show can be seen in the table below. 
145 BIVs (Best in Variety) were given, the below chart shows for which breeds.
From the below chart you can see the NOM vs BIS ratio.

Here is a list of how many entries from category II each judge had for evaluation.

And below, what percentage of cats presented to the judge gained Best In Show

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Statistics from Polish Cat Shows - Chapter #2

Below you can find some statistics for Category I during the shows in Poland 2017 (the data is up to date 25.4.2017).

For more general data you can read the previous chapter.

During 2017 (to date) Category I has been the least popular in the shows, at least according to the entries.

From category I breeds, below is the split showing that Ragdolls are way more popular than any other breed.

When the entries are split per sex we can observe that the percentages are almost the same as with the combined all breeds (male 39%, female 59%, litters 2%).
The entries to show per class are split as seen in the table below. The correlation between all breed and category I data shows that the split is almost equal, classes 9, 12 and 11 being the most popular ones and neuter classes being the least popular (34 entries).

When the entries are split by color it shows that blue and black are the most commonly seen.
The results are split as follows. 7% of the cats have been absent from the show, which is 2% less than the all breed data.
52 BIVs were given (only to ragdolls) during 2017.
NOM vs BIS ratio per breed falls as below (please note also litters and veterans are calculated to this data).
And below you can find a list of judges and amounts of cats evaluated in category I
And from the list below you can see the percentage of cats receiving NOM per judge (total is 37% of cats from category I were nominated)

And in the last table you can see the percentages of the entries per judge who achieved Best In Show.