Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year!

So did another year pass by. Where is all this time just going?

2019 was quite silent year in our cattery. We just had one litter, which was quite unplanned as father was neuter, mother was on pill and received 2x abortion injection. But as a result we got two wonderful boys that are looking still for their own homes.

2020 will be busier year, there are couple litters planned, as well as a lot of shows! In our hopes is also to find a suitable PRA-negative BAL/OLH (or var) male for our variant females to continue our longhair breeding program.

During 2020 we will also be showing our cats more frequently, Lilith will be maybe taken out from the dust and Her Highness might do few appearances in the Polish shows, Blackrock will return to the rings as neuter and our veteran group (Hulda, Cortex and Warre) might also be making few appearances!

It will be an interesting year ahead, and as a highlight I am looking forward for the kittens planned from Lady x Priam combination. Second combo planned is with our fawn pointed Eps and the male depends of the PRA-status.

But that's all for now :) See you around!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Cortex & Hulda

Today our lovely ladies, FI*Acousticat's FridayImInLove (Hulda) and *FI Acousticat's Fire in Cairo (Cortex) are turning 7 years old and entering the "veteran" age. The age is not showing from either one of them and Hulda still behaves like 6 months old kitten.
Cortex, well, Cortex likes to organize. She has this mission that all cats needs to be in right spots, at right time. She can go around the house for hours and herd the cats to the places she wants them to be. We call this "Meow-Shui".

Thank you Katariina for these wonderful ladies, and I have a strong feeling they'll be around still for a very, very very long time!

Hulda with her daughter Nythedra

Hulda upside down

Cortex has things to tell

Cortex the supermummy taking care of 11 kittens (6 older orphans and 5 of her own)

Cortex 15mins later after meeting the orphans with daddy A-A

Monday, August 19, 2019

Oh boy, it's been a while!

Where is all the time just going? It's been a while since last update to this blog, so here it goes.

So life is pretty much on the same routine as always, we haven't been much in shows this year but focused on other things. Maybe this fall we'll pop by in one or two shows just for fun!

Our dear A-A (NW15 SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW, DSM) was neutered some time ago. After five years as a full male and siring wonderful offspring we decided it was time to let him start enjoying the neuter club. He'll be restarting his shows now as a neuter.
In September you can meet me in Wroclaw and Warsaw shows where I will be officiating as a student judge for categories 3 and 4.  So just come and say hi!

Ragnarok - SIA b 03

Ratatoskr - OSH b

We got two kittens also at home, Ragnarok and Ratatoskr. Both of the little vikings are searching for their loving pet homes and are ready to leave end of September.

What else, we also got few adults searching for homes, so if you are interested of older cat, take a look at our website.

And about website, finally after a long time I am again updating it. There are still things missing, but feel free to surf around.

Also we have kitten plans for this fall. Our dear queen Lady will be mated with our gorgeous siamese male Priam. This will be the last litter for Lady, so for those interested of getting one of her babies, please do not hesitate to contact us. After babies Lady will be neutered and will move to her well deserved retirement to Finland to live with my mother as a spoiled (rotten) pet.

So this is the short update for the year. I promise to shape up and keep updating this blog and our website now more frequently!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Rest in Peace - Forcas Via Nocturna - 16.12.2015 - 11.10.2018

All great stories have a beginning and an end. The story of our dear Forcas (or as we call him, Pouch) just ended too soon.

The story began just before Christmas 2015 when Forcas was born with his siblings. All his siblings moved to their own homes, but looked like noone wanted dear Pouch so we decided to keep him. And from there on, he wrote so many wonderful chapters to his book of life, touched so many people and made smile come to our faces.
As in every great story, there is also a villain. Something bad and evil that threatens the great hero.
For Pouch, the villain was cancer. Specifically lymphoma.

When summer was arriving to our home, it brought with it dark clouds to the horizon. Pouch, who was always the model boy for health suddenly began looking ill and we took him to the vet and then to oncologist. The dark clouds landed at our doorsteps and Pouch was diagnosed with very aggressive form of lymphoma. We decided due very good prognosis to begin with chemotherapy and the change in Pouch after first chemo was remarkable. He was back to his old self again. 16 rounds of chemo and he was announced to be cancer free. The fall was already here and we were carefully celebrating. We had beat the cancer.

It not took many days until Pouch started to feel ill again and even we were hoping for the best, we also knew that this might be what we feared coming back.
And it came back. It hit Pouch with full power. He kept fighting back until couple days ago we've seen the eternity in his eyes. He was ready to give up.

Last day he got so spoiled rotten. The greatest feasts of all time. So much love and rubbing of his ribs (which he loved so much). Until yesterday, 11th of October 2018, he slept away peacefully.

Autopsy report was not pretty to hear. His whole body was infected with cancer. There was nothing anyone could have done for him besides to let him go before the pains come too great.

Cancer takes aim and shoots.
Without a thought.
Without a care in the world.
It has no feeling.
 It doesn’t care if you are young or old.
Evil or kind.
 It doesn’t care.
 It just takes.

Sadly in this story the villain won. We were left only with so many precious memories.
Thank you Pouch for being part of our lives. I just so wish you would have stayed longer. 


Sunday, July 22, 2018

AVAILABLE Siamese girls Nythedra & Magatha

Due cancellation we got two Siamese girls Nythedra (SIA f 03 21) and Magatha (SIA q 03 21) available as pets.

Girls are now about 1 year old and are sold only together to same home, preferably without any other cats. They both have the same father (NW SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW - OSH n 03 25), but different mothers. Mother of Nythedra is FI*Acousticat's FridayI'mInLove "Hulda" - BAL q and mother of Magatha is FI*Acousticat's Fire in Cairo "Cortex" - SIA q 03)

And time for the sale speech that why YOU  need these girls to your life.

If you think organized chaos is the way to go in life and don't mind things being dropped and rolled all around the house, Nythedra especially is for you. She uses her paws very efficiently to drop all small (and not so small) items from bookshelves to the ground and then paw them all around.
Life with Nythedra is never boring. You can find her from mysterious places like closed cabinet, on top of the curtains, hiding in a pile of clothes. And this after you search for her for quite a while and she then decides to come out on her own.
Nythedra also enjoys that her paws are massaged and will keep handing them to you until you give up and start softly massaging them. 
Nythedra has quite a lot of spirit, but also heart full of love.
Magatha on the other hand is like the little angel. She is a lot calmer and hasn't (yet) managed to destroy anything. Nyte is the leader, Magatha follows.

These girls go excellently together and as Nythedra has her own personal habits like sucking Magathas ears, they need to move to the same home together as it would really be a shame to separate them.

If you are interested of spicing up your life with two wonderful girls, send me an email and I will tell you more about them!

Both girls are vaccinated and FIFe-registered and will be neutered when they leave our house.

And next few pictures







Magatha at front, Nythedra at back