Monday, March 20, 2017

Some news from the weekend

On Saturday evening two gorgeous girls moved to our home from Finland. I proudly welcome FI*Acousticat's Fire in Cairo (SIA q 03) and FI*Acousticat's FridayImInLove (BAL q). These two ladies are going to be part of our longhair breeding program and we are hoping that in few months there will be some kitten news coming.
I would like to give great thanks for the breeder and previous owner of the girls, Katariina Tirkkonen, for entrusting the ladies to us as well as big thanks for our friends Henna and Terhi for taking care of the girls until they were ready to move.
Couple pics below, better pics will be coming soon :)

On Saturday also Kiran Kirous (OSH h 24) and Kiran Kohtalo (OSH c 25) moved back to us from their surrogate family where they were growing with other litter. Was so nice to get the babies back and huge thanks for Marzena for caring for them. They were nice and fat little babies. Kiran Kohtalo (OSH c 25 male) is looking now for his loving pet home.
Kiran Kirous - OSH h 24 - RESERVED for breeding

Kiran Kohtalo - OSH c 25 male - AVAILABLE
And so that news wont end... On Sunday five of our kittens left to their new forever homes. I am so happy to be blessed with so nice homes for our babies, and this made the farewells bit easier (even tho tears are always shed). Good luck babies in your new homes and I know you will conquer the hearts of everyone you ever meet!
J's in Daddy Daycare

Jailhouse Rock "Elwis"

Justify My Love

Just Lose It "Ymmi"

Ixtlilton & Itztlacoliuhqui (and our Hyvinkaa on right)
Our cattery website will be soon updated with some interesting kitten plans. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 13, 2017

KOTI LOYTYNYT - Peruutuksen vuoksi vapaana Itztlacoliuhqui Via Nocturna - OSH n 03 25

Juniorin koti perui, ja tama ihastuttava pikkumies etsiikin nyt itselleen kotia tositarkoituksella.
Syntynyt 20.9.2016.
Isa: Graffias Adoro*LT (OSH a)
Ema: CH Konigsegg Van Crystaltina (OSH b 03 25)
Lisaa kuvia

Juniorilla on kiva, sosiaalinen luonne ja tykkaa muiden kissojen seurasta. Nayttelyihin ei valkoista varia ole tarpeeksi joten poika lahtee ihan lemmikiksi. FIFe-rekisteroity, rokotettu, sirutettu ja passikin loytyy.

Juniori on mahdollista toimittaa Suomeen 19.3.2016, lentomatka kun oli hanelle jo varattuna.

Jos olet kiinnostunut, niin nakkaa privaviestia Facebookin kautta tai ota yhteytta sahkopostitse (

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

J-litter kittens found candy wrapper...

Our J-kittens found a candy wrapper and they have had fun with it! Enjoy the movieclips!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

When money talks...

After a quite a while since latest blog post, I decided to take a moment today and talk about money and breeding.

For most of the breeders breeding is a hobby that is supported by normal job and cats are living as pampered pets in the household. But for some others, cats are seen as a way to make money, they are seen as birthing machines to produce more offspring to sell and studs are seen as matadors to mate all possible females around to gain mating fees - and often not caring of the consequences.

When money begins to talk, things usually start going wrong. When the "breeder" (note the quotation marks, as I do not consider this kind of breeders as real breeders who do this as a passion, not as a cash making way) begins to think how to make more money and how to make profit, shortcuts are often taken to ensure maximizing the cash income. These shortcuts mean sometimes making kittens without registration papers, giving stud for female that the offspring will not be registered, not testing the parents against diseases, skipping vaccinations and kitten microchipping etc. etc. list is long.

When such "breeders" arise, it also affects the ones that are breeding as hobby. The price of the kittens from "breeder" is often smaller than the ones from real breeders, the quality of the kittens are worse and there is no way to control or proof the parentage, how often the female has been used for breeding, what are the diseases that parents might have had etc. As talking about weaker grade kittens, these kittens might suffer from diseases or illnesses that some are caused just by not feeding them with high quality food. And still, there is (and most likely always will be) market for such kittens - often due by the buyers demand. These cheap and weaker grade kittens sell faster, and the hobbyist breeders are left at home with properly bred and taken care of kittens. Money talks...

Educating buyers should be the first step to prevent such "breeders" from rising. When there is no demand for paperless kittens, there would be no such "breeders".  But how to educate the buyers better for this? I do not know an answer to this question unfortunately.

It is wrong to say that you should NOT make money from breeding, sometimes when everything goes as it should, there are no problems with birth or raising the litter, kittens move to their homes at age of 14 weeks etc, yes - if you do not count the working hours spent for caring of the litter and other expenses, you might have something left on the plus side after the litter leaves from home. And unlike popular thought, it is not enough to buy another mercedes on your yard unless you go to Toys R'us and buy a little model car. The latest when this money will vanish is when you make another order for catfood or decide to sign a cat or two for a show.

Breeding is expensive hobby when you want to do things properly and take care of your animals. Not one or two of breeders I know have quit or gone for break when they realized they cannot afford breeding anymore, and this is a great shame. Many of these persons have done great job and worked for the quality of the breed, instead of the quantity, imported cats from abroad and made their breeding selections carefully. And then to reward all this hard work these "breeders" appear and take over the market (which in some breeds is very limited) with their unregistered kittens and often unethical methods.

In general, when hobby turns to way for earning money (and maximizing profit), the ones to suffer from this are often the animals used for it and the innocent bystanders - the Real Breeders, who do this work as their passion, spend countless of hours to ensure every kitten has the best possible starting point for its life and awesome forever home waiting when it leaves the breeders' home. And still, these Real Breeders sit by the new cat owners throughout the life of the cat - through sorrows and joy.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 - interesting year ahead

This year is going to be very interesting, at least if some of the plans will hold and come reality.

Our show year begins 21st of January here in Warsaw, when I-litter kittens will be presented first time. They are growing very promisingly. Ixtlilton will move to Finland and Itzpzpalotl will stay here at home with us.
Itztlacoliuhqui is still looking for his loving pet home.
Ixtlilton & Itzpxpalotl

J-litter kittens will enter the show ring at end of February. I have very high hopes for this litter :) Alli-Elina (Jewels n'Drugs) will stay in future breeding program and move to Finland to wait coming of age.

We got some interesting litters planned for this year. First of all Gehennas (Anneli) - SIA g - will be mated. She is daughter of our Lady and Miziu.
Lady and Siru are also planned to be mated with our Forcas.
So looking forward for the upcoming litters. You can find more information about them from here.

There are also some bigger surprises coming for later this year, but more about those when they actually come to reality. But for now, it really looks to be exciting year ahead of us!