Monday, November 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Cortex & Hulda

Today our lovely ladies, FI*Acousticat's FridayImInLove (Hulda) and *FI Acousticat's Fire in Cairo (Cortex) are turning 7 years old and entering the "veteran" age. The age is not showing from either one of them and Hulda still behaves like 6 months old kitten.
Cortex, well, Cortex likes to organize. She has this mission that all cats needs to be in right spots, at right time. She can go around the house for hours and herd the cats to the places she wants them to be. We call this "Meow-Shui".

Thank you Katariina for these wonderful ladies, and I have a strong feeling they'll be around still for a very, very very long time!

Hulda with her daughter Nythedra

Hulda upside down

Cortex has things to tell

Cortex the supermummy taking care of 11 kittens (6 older orphans and 5 of her own)

Cortex 15mins later after meeting the orphans with daddy A-A

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