Cat is for life - not only for summer

Every year, the same story happens everywhere in the world. People are leaving the cities for their vacations and going to the countryside to spend time with their families. Too often, they also take a little kitten for their children to play with. Please read the story of one of these kittens and share it with your friends. Maybe this summer there will be few less sad destinies awaiting.

On the farm she happily lives
With her siblings to the grass she dives
Happiness and meows fill the air
And their mommy gives them care.
Comes a family from elsewhere,
Takes the kitten to place of their.
Young is she, only four weeks old
Still needing mommy’s hold.

Children of new house play with her
Weeks pass by and time is a blur
Kids get bored and go inside
Noone plays with her anymore.

The world is still so fresh and new
And the sky is still blue.
Time passes by the kitten grows
And there the summer goes.

Family packs their bags and go
It is already sometime ago.

Little cat so alone
All on her own.
Staring at the door the little cat,
So worried and sad.
I am here, please open up,

It is dark, and I want food in my cup.
So hungry and thirsty, sleepy too,
And I am so cold in here too.

The forest looks so dark and frosted is the ground,
Snow is piling in and there is no sound.

Last time door opened when flowers bloomed,
And sky and earth gloomed.
So joyous was the land,
Everything so grand.

Birds singing their songs
And here kitten belongs.
To not be alone,
Without a home.

Now closed is the door,
Kitten feels the cold more.
She lays down there,
In the cold air.
Eyes closing slowly,
She drifts to sleep and into her dreams.

The embrace of cold is deadly,
But the dream is taking her deeply.
She walks to the rainbow bridge,
Which is her privilege.
There sun will always shine,
And no cold is in the skyline.
Now sleeps the kitten forever,
No cold, hunger,thirst ever.
She enjoys the lasting summer days
And bathes in sunrays.

Left alone
To be on her own
She crossed the bridge
Like so many before.

When you left your summer home this year,
Did you leave there someone dear ?
Who waited you there until time was up
Hoping for a place to warmup,
Drifted to the rainbow bridge


Please, tell your friends and families why it is not ok to take a cat for a summer. We, the cats, are your friends, and want to be with you for a lifetime. It can last even 20 years, so we hope you can take care of us until we grow old and gray.