Thursday, February 26, 2015

Poor Igu :(

Our queen, Igu, was due this week to give birth. Everything had gone well with her pregnancy (she had nasty pyometra at fall, and we managed to treat it and she recovered fully). Couple days ago she moved to the room where she was supposed to give birth and went under constant supervision so we could act if something was going wrong. She shown minimal nesting behavior and looked quite content on keeping her baby inside for a bit longer time.
At late evening of 24th of February all was still good in her belly. The baby was kicking around and moving. All normal. I went to other room to sleep, and my boyfriend took over the watch duty (as Igu is completely his cat) and the night arrived.
Around 4am I got a phone call from him that there is blood everywhere. The sleep just vanished from my eyes in a second and I knew we are in trouble. The movement of the baby had also stopped.

At early morning we were at the vet, and the news were not good. Igu was given oxitocin to introduce contractions so we could get the baby out from her without c-section. Hopes for saving the little one were already gone, so only thing we could do anymore was to help mommycat over this.

At afternoon decision for c-section had to be made, as Igu really insisted of keeping her dead baby inside.

The reason for the lost baby was displacement of placenta. It had dislocated itself from the uterus wall causing bleeding and the baby had just bled to death in the embrace of Igus uterus.

We are very sad because of this :( We have had a lot of bad luck already, and were hoping that this time everything would go without any problems...

Igu is now doing ok. She is slowly recovering from her ordeal, wearing her cute green sexy pajamas.

I would like to thank everyone for your support during this difficult time. What matters now, is that Igu is safe and home. Nothing could have been done to the poor baby anymore, but we got at least Mommycat home <3.


Inaridou said...

I´m so glad that mum is okay and hope for a speedy recovery!

eleria said...

Poor mommy, hope she feels better soon, fingers crossed.