Our Mission

Hello Dear Readers!

I think it is time for me to tell you more about our mission. Every cat has to have some more important task in this world than just to sleep and eat, and my mission is to raise awareness for those who cannot talk themselves.

The Beginning
I am a cat that noone wanted. I was born and taken to a vet to be put to sleep and travel across the rainbowbridge at a very young age. I do not know my mom or my dad, but I know the humans who took me and raised me. They gave me the greatest gift of all... gift of life.

When I grew up, I knew I had a mission in this world. Something more important than sleeping and sniffing catnip occasionally. I was sent here to talk, to raise awareness and to help.

I am the voice in darkness for those who cannot talk themselves. They are all around us, even if you do not see them. They are hiding under cars trying to stay warm, or fishing food from trashbins to extinguish the burning hunger. They are the unwanted, not loved and homeless. When night comes in they have no place to go and warm, or no foodbowl given infront of them to eat and they have no lap to cuddle to sleep on. They are the children of the streets.

It is so easy to close your eyes and look elsewhere when you meet one of them. They might not look so fancy under dirty coats, but they also have a loving heart. They have various reasons why they are out there. Some abandoned, some born there and some just have escaped from their homes and not knowing way back. They cannot talk to themselves and ask for your help. So that is what I am doing.

Often housecats are so underestimated. People do not cherish us as they do with breedcats. But... we are the same. We might not have fancy breed name, pedigree and long line of titles, but we have a loving heart and we purr the same.

My mission started couple years ago when Mommy helped me to build this blog. We are now going around in catshows sharing my story, and showing that a housecat can also be a showcat and should never be underestimated. We are trying to spread the world against animal cruelty and raise awareness in peoples mind to help us to help the ones that cannot talk.

Please, be part of our mission and do not turn your back on those who need the help.

Housecat is nothing less than a breedcat
Almost in every situation, a housecat is underestimated badly. As we do not have fancy pedigrees, tons of titles infront of our names and breednames. We are just "housecats". This does not mean that we are anything less! We purr the same on your lap, we love you the same and we can also participate in catshows like our pedigreed cousins can do.

Most of us housecats are born as "accidents". There is only very few persons in this world who take the care of raising a housecat litter properly from scratch. This includes testing both of the parents for diseases like FIV, making sure that the babies are not given away before age of 12 weeks, making sure that they eat proper food on their first weeks of life while staying with the breeder.
Most of us do not have a priviledge to say we were "planned" babies. We were just born. Some of us get lucky and find a proper forever home from the start, but there are still too many of us who dont. We are taken as cute kittens at age of 4 weeks from some farmer during summertime, and when we are not anymore cute little babies we are left to the nature to survive on our own. Or abandoned to the streets.
These are the voices that cannot talk for themselves.

We, the housecats, come in variety of colors, coat lenght and shapes. There is no uniform standard like with breedcats as how we should look. But our inside is the same, a big, loving heart.

How can You help ?
You, dear human, are in priviledged status. You can talk, send emails, tell our story to the world. But you can do also other things that we are unable to do on our own. So please take a moment to read how you can help those who cannot talk.

- Give your extra linen/towels to shelter.
Everyone has some extra towels, bedsheets, bowls etc in homes. Why not gather these together and maybe ask your workmates/neighbours etc to join their forces with you and drop these to your local animalshelter. They will be more than happy to receive a load of these items that are "unnecessary" in your home. Maybe you can even organize a rally at your workplace, where everyone can drop off their "extras" to be given for shelter ?
- Donate food/meds to the shelter.
You can also buy some food or medications for the animals, they will be received with smile.
- Made a donation to your local shelter in cash.
Or you can make a donation to your local shelter, every penny actually counts. If 50 people each give 1 euro, it means 50 euros in total and this... this counts as a bag or two of food for the animals.
- Work as a temporary home.
For many animals staying in shelters is not a pleasant feeling. Being locked up in a cage or small room until new home is found can affect their mentality. If you have place in home and your heart, why not to offer yourself as a temporary home for these animals, take care of them and love them, until the forever home has been found ? There are never enough temporary homes available, and some animals need a longer time to recover from the cruel fate they had, and best place to do this would be inside a warm house where they can feel safe.
- Share our story.
Tell people about our blog, and our mission. Every reader is a potential helper and we never turn anyone who asks guidance how to help away. We are all in this together, and voice of hundreds is more powerful than a lonely voice in darkness.

There are so many ways you can help those who cannot talk. Why not sit down for a moment and think how You can make a difference. It does not have to be something grand and fancy, even a small drop will make a huge difference. If you need any help of finding your local shelter, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you out.

(to be continued !)