Monday, August 19, 2019

Oh boy, it's been a while!

Where is all the time just going? It's been a while since last update to this blog, so here it goes.

So life is pretty much on the same routine as always, we haven't been much in shows this year but focused on other things. Maybe this fall we'll pop by in one or two shows just for fun!

Our dear A-A (NW15 SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW, DSM) was neutered some time ago. After five years as a full male and siring wonderful offspring we decided it was time to let him start enjoying the neuter club. He'll be restarting his shows now as a neuter.
In September you can meet me in Wroclaw and Warsaw shows where I will be officiating as a student judge for categories 3 and 4.  So just come and say hi!

Ragnarok - SIA b 03

Ratatoskr - OSH b

We got two kittens also at home, Ragnarok and Ratatoskr. Both of the little vikings are searching for their loving pet homes and are ready to leave end of September.

What else, we also got few adults searching for homes, so if you are interested of older cat, take a look at our website.

And about website, finally after a long time I am again updating it. There are still things missing, but feel free to surf around.

Also we have kitten plans for this fall. Our dear queen Lady will be mated with our gorgeous siamese male Priam. This will be the last litter for Lady, so for those interested of getting one of her babies, please do not hesitate to contact us. After babies Lady will be neutered and will move to her well deserved retirement to Finland to live with my mother as a spoiled (rotten) pet.

So this is the short update for the year. I promise to shape up and keep updating this blog and our website now more frequently!

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