The Hoomans

The main author for this blog is Her Highness, Lilith The Mighty Minikitten, The Supreme Ruler of the universe and Slavemaster of all humankind (also bearer of other catchy but suitable titles). Here you can find all her guides to help other cats and humans and also her stories about life and cats in general.

The co-author and fingers on the keyboard is Lilith's personal humanslave (well trained one) Heidi, alias "Mommy". She is also one of the founders of cattery Via Nocturna*PL for oriental cats. The second founder is Marcin alias "Daddy".

We (the hoomans) are a couple living in Warsaw, Poland and have dedicated our lives for cats. It all began years ago from an idea, that a housecat is nothing less than a breed cat and after Lilith joined our lives this idea turned into reality... and here we are today! House full of cats, going to shows and dedicating our lives for our furry and fluffy children. And Lilith being the spokesperson for all the other housecats out there!

We had first only housecats, but later on orientals came to our life after the 15 years long search was over and Kira came home. From there the road took us towards breeding this wonderful breed  and after a difficult and devastating beginning our first litter was born at fall 2013.

On this road, we've met a lot of great people who have given us a lot of help. Without your support friends, we would not be here today anymore. Thank you.

So this is us. You can find our contact information from our website.

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Anonymous said...

I miss the lady under the cat, I hope you are happy, always happy. Cougie