Friday, January 12, 2018

2014 statistics - Chartreux (CHA)

Below are the statistics from Polish FIFe catshows (2014) for breed Chartreux (CHA).

There were total of 65 entries during 2014.

Majority of the entered cats were females and no litters were presented during 2014.

the cats were entered to show classes as per follows. Class 9 was the most popular.
 No neuters were entered to the show.
 Absence percentage was 8%. 2 cats received EX % (excellent without certificate).
 Below are the certificates given. (blank) means the cat did not receive certificate or competed in a class where certs were not given. 82.60% of the cats competing in classes 1-10 received certificate.
 23.07% of entries were nominated and 7.96% gained BIS. This is 33% of all nominated entries gaining Best in Show.
 The BIS results were gained in following classes.
 10 BIVs were given during the year.
 Below chart shows the amounts of entries per judge.
 16.92% of the entries were assigned to Polish judges.
 Greatest amount of CHA entries were presented in February.
 Below is the chart showing the amounts of entries per city of the show
 and per organizing club.
Most winning CHA during 2014 (according to NW points) was GIC NL*POEKIE MAU MAU’S GERONIMO

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