Friday, January 12, 2018

2014 Statistics - Bengals (BEN)

Below are the statistics for Bengals (BEN) from Polish FIFe shows held during 2014.

There were 329 entries for Bengals during the year.

53% of the entries were females and 20 litters were entered for the shows.
 n 24 was the most popular color for entries with 71%.
 and as base color "n" was the most popular with 87%.
 24 was the most popular tabby marking (blank here means litters).
 Below is a chart showing the amounts of entries per show class. Surprisingly there is -46% drop in entries from class 12 to class 11.

43.76% of entries were kittens/juniors (classes 11 and 12). Adult cats (classes 1-10) had 47.41% and out of all adult cats 16.66% were neuters.
 11.24% of the entries were absent during the day of the show and 0.60% were disqualified.
 25% of all entries were nominated and 7% gained Best in Show. This is 29% of nominated entries gaining BIS.
 Below are the BIS results per show class. 40% of the entered litters (class 16) gained BIS.
 12% of the entries received BIV.
 The chart below shows BIVs per class
 and per color.
 14.58% of Bengal entries were assigned for Mrs. Stephanie Serrai,
 and 23.1% for Polish judges.
 35.86% of Bengal entries were in shows during November.
 and bit over 32% were presented in shows held in Poznan.
 Below is a chart showing the amounts of Bengal entries per city of the show.
 54% of the entries were for Saturday.
Most winning Bengal of 2014 according to the NW points was Angie Lambart z Warmii*PL (BEN n 24) .

For more statistics take a look of our statistics main page.

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