Monday, January 15, 2018

2014 statistics - Burmilla (BML)

Below are statistics for Burmilla (BML) from Polish FIFe catshows for year 2014.

There were total of 47 entries for the breed during the year. 4 of the entries were for litters.

Majority of the entries were female.
 Most popular color was ns 11 31 with 45% of entries being of this color.
 By base color ns was the most popular (74%)
 The cats were entered to classes as per follows.
 No neuters were presented.
 Absence percentage was 15%.
 23.47% of the entries gained nomination and 6.38% were awarded Best In Show. This comes to bit over 27% of all nominated entries receiving BIS.
 BIS results were given to show classes as follows.
 15% of the entries gained Best in Variety.
 14.89% of all BML entries were assigned to Mr. Irek Pruchniak.
 31.91% were assigned to Polish judges
 Below chart shows the distribution of the entries per month of the show,
 per city of the show
 and per organizing club.
According to the NW points most winning burmilla of 2014 was LV*Salana's Star Freya (BML ns 11 31)

If you wish to check out other statistics, take a look here.

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