Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 statistics - General

On this page you can find the catshow statistics for year 2018 from Polish FIFe catshows.
This page will offer some general statistics that I am working on keeping updated throughout the year as there are shows held.
These numbers are amounts of individual entries that can be found in the catalog.

Other statistics you can find behind this link

*LATEST UPDATE DONE 6th of March, 2018*

Amount of cats entered to catalog: 2051
Show days: 8
Average cats per day: 256

Females 1106 (53.92%)
Males 886 (43.19%)
Litters 59 (2.87%)

Entries per category:
Category 1: 348 (16.96%)
Category 2: 688 (33.54%)
Category 3: 609 (29.69%)
Category 4: 377 (18.38%)
Housecats: 29 (1.41%)

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Category 4

entries per base color

entries per amount of white

Entries per tabby pattern

Entries per show class
 Kittens/ Juniors (class 11& 12) : 35.68%
Adults (classes 1-10) : 58.06%
Neuter adults: 8.56%
Results gained
 Absence percentage was 9.8%
BIS/BOS results gained per breed
 29.25% of all entries were nominated
10.28% gained BIS/BOS result
35.16% of all nominated entries gained BIS/BOS
Amount of entries per judge

Amount of entries per country of judge

Amount of entries per month

Amount of entries per city of show

Amount of entries per organizing club

Amount of entries per day of show

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