Friday, January 12, 2018

2017 Statistics - Class 4

Below are the statistics from Polish FIFe catshows for Class 4 during the year of 2017.

There were total of 57 entries which is 0.62% of all entries for shows.
Entries to class 4 per category
 Sacred Birmans (SBI) had the highest amount of entries as percentage (6.84% of all entered SBIs were for class 4).
Entries to class 4 per breed
 65% of the entries were female cats.
 Below chart shows the entries per color.
 24.56% of all entries were black (n)
 Majority of class 4 entries did not have any amount of white
 and 60% were solid cats without any tabby markings.
 Absence percentage was 4%
 Over 80% of all class 4 entries received nomination and 47.36% received BIS result. This comes to 58.69% of nominated cats gaining BIS.

Nominations and BIS results per breed
 Mr. Jaroslav Panek and Mr. Veikko Saarela had the most class 4 entries assigned to them (7.01% each).
 14.03% of the entries were assigned for Polish judges
 Below chart shows the amount of class 4 entries per month of the show,
 per city of the show,
 and per organizing club.
To find more statistics, take a look here.

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