Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 statistics - Somalis (SOM)

During 2017 there were total of 44 entries for Somalis in Polish FIFe-catshows.

This shows a solid increase starting from 2015.
 During 2017 majority of the entries were for females and 2 litters were presented in the shows.
 The below chart demonstrates the amounts of females and males during the period of 2015-2017.
 During 2017 only ruddy (n) somalis were presented in show.
 The cats were entered to classes as follows. Unlike with most of the other breeds where the top participation was for classes 9,11 and 12, somalis had highest numbers in classes 10, 5 and 12.
 Below is a chart showing the amounts of entries per showclass during 2015-2017. Class 16 is a litter class.

During 2017 34% of adult cats (classes 1-10) were neuters.
 Results gained were as follows
 and per showclass.
Only one SOM was absent during show day, bringing the absence percentage to 2.27%. During 2015 and 2016 there were no absences.
 2017 had 38.63% of all SOM entries gaining nomination for Best in Show.
 and 22.72% of all SOM entries were awarded BIS.
 This comes to 58.82% of all nominated somalis gaining BIS result.
 Five BIVs were given, which totals 11.36% of all SOM entries gaining BIV.
 Following judges evaluated somalis during 2017.
 34% of all SOM entries were assigned to Polish judges.
 The chart below shows the entries per month. There were no shows held in Poland in August.
 Majority of the entries were for Saturday (59%)
 Warsaw saw the most of SOM entries during 2017.
 And from clubs FP.
 Last, a chart showing the percentage of entered somalis that received Best in Show.
If you want to check out more statistics, take a look here.

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