Thursday, May 3, 2018

Available - Magatha Via Nocturna - SIA o 03 21

Magatha was born on 17th of July, 2017. Her father is our NW15 SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW (OSH n 03 25) and mother is FI*Acousticat's Fire in Cairo (OSH q 03).

Magatha is nice girl who enjoys pampering. This little princess has kind of stayed behind and would be nice to an own home for her where she can enjoy her life as a loved and spoiled pet.

She is very playful and likes to cuddle with humans or other cats. Best would be if Magatha would move to new home either with one of her siblings or that there would be playmates waiting for her.

Magatha lives here in Warsaw, Poland, but we'll assist you to get a transportation if needed.

More information about Magatha you can get by sending me an email.
Magatha syntyi 17.7.2017. Isana Magathalla on oma kasvattimme NW15 SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW (OSH n 03 25) ja emana FI*Acousticat's Fire in Cairo (OSH q 03).

Magatha on kiltti tytto joka nauttii hemmottelusta. Tama pieni prinsessa on vaan jaanyt meille ja olisikin jo aika etta Magathan oma koti loytyisi jossa voisi nauttia elamastaan rakastettuna ja hemmoteltuna lemmikkina.

Magatha on hyvin leikkisa ja nauttii halailusta seka ihmisten etta muiden kissojen kanssa. Parasta olisikin etta Magatha ei muuttaisi kotiin jossa joutuisi olemaan ainoa kissa. Ihanne tapauksessa Magatha muuttaisi uuteen kotiinsa sisaruksensa kanssa tai niin etta taloudessa on muita kissoja jo ennestaan.

Magatha asustelee taalla luonamme Varsovassa, Puolassa, mutta avitamme kylla kuljetuksen kanssa tarvittaessa.

Kotiorjien anomuksia vastaanotan sahkopostitse.

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