Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2014 statistics - Burmese (BUR)

Below are the statistics for Burmese (BUR) from Polish FIFe catshows for year 2014.

During this year there were 205 entries.

71% of all entries were female.
 Most popular color with 33% was "n"
 28% of entries were signed for class 12, 20% for class 9 and 14% to class 11.
 41.46% of all entries were kittens/juniors (classes 11 and 12) and 51.21% were adults (classes 1-10). From adult entries only 3.8% were neuters.
 The below chart shows the results gained during 2014. 13% of the entries were absent. The disqualifications (both of them) went for same cat.
 35.60% of all BUR entries were nominated and 16.09% gained BIS result. This is 45.2% of all nominated entries gaining BIS.
 The chart below shows the BIS results per show class.
 15 BIVs were given during the year to following colors.
 6.82% of all BUR entries were assigned to Mr. Irek Pruchniak.
 22.92% were assigned to Polish judges.
 Below is a chart showing BUR entries per month,
 per city of the show
 and per organizing club.
Most winning burmese during 2014 in Poland was SC Tootsie Dandre&Cats*RU (BUR h). The cat was 8th in the NW competition and gained the National Winner 2014 title.

For more statistics, take a look here.

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