Thursday, January 11, 2018

2014 statistics - American Curls (ACS & ACL)

Below are the statistics from Polish FIFe catshows from year 2014 for breeds American Curl Shorthair (ACS) and American Curl Longhair (ACL).

There were 34 entries for ACL and 2 entries for ACS.

There were total of 10 litters entered for ACL.
 The most popular color was es 22.
 Based on the base color, bs was most popular
17.64% of ACL entries had some amount of white.
 Most of the entries did not have any tabby markings.
 Below chart shows the amounts of entries per show class.
 and in percentages.
 11.74% of ACL entries were absent on the day of the show.
 Below is the nomination %. No BIS results were gained during 2014, neither any BIVs were given.
 and nominations per class.
 17.64% of ACL entries were assigned for Mr. Sebastian Pruchniak.
 Below chart shows the distribution of entries per country of the judge.
 Most of the ACL entries were entered for shows in July and November
 From the cities Poznan and Gliwice had most entries
 and FP (Felis Posnania) had over 32% of all ACL entries.
Most winning ACL entries according to NW competition were (tied first place)
IC Amber Velvet Aristocrat (ACL es 22)
Estrot Ex Infernulo*PL (ACL b 22)

If you wish to see other statistics, take a look here.

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