Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2014 Statistics - Singapura (SIN)

Below are the show statistics for Singapura (SIN) from Polish FIFe catshows for year 2014. This was also the first year that Singapura was fully recognized in FIFe.

During 2014 there were total of 26 entries.

85% of the entries were for females.
 Below is the distribution of entries per show class.
 and results overall.
 cats gained results from classes as follows.
 The following certificates were given
 15.38% of entries were nominated (class 5), and 7.69% gained BIS. This is 50% of all nominated cats gaining BIS result.
There were also 2 BIVs given during 2014.
 Following judges had Singapuras assigned to them during 2014.
 15.38% of Singapuras were assigned to Finnish judges and another 15.38% to Polish judges.
 The below chart shows the distribution of entries per month,
 per city of the show,
 and per organizing club.
Best Singapura of 2014 was Bafi Gregorious-Cat

If you want to see other statistics, take a look at our statistics main page.

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