Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017 statistics - Class 2

These are statistics from Polish FIFe catshows (year 2017) for class 2.

There were total of 57 entries for class 2 during the year. This is 0.62% of all entries for shows.

Below are the amounts of entries per breed.
 To put the numbers in perspective, below is the chart showing the amount of entries per breed in percentage. 100% of Balinese entries were for class 2.
 The chart below shows the amounts of entries per category and in percentages of category entries. Category four had the most entries (1.05% of all category 4 entries) for class 2.
 In most breeds the male entries dominated over female entries.
 In overall, 77% of the entries were male.
 Overall absence percentage was 7.01%. For MCO the absence percentage was 100% and for Balinese 50%.
 Below are the entries nominated per breed
 and entries gaining BIS/BOS per breed.
 To put the numbers to perspective, the following chart shows the amounts of entries nominated in numbers and percentages (out of all class 2 entries).
 and amounts of entries gaining BIS/BOS.
 For BAL, SBI and SPH all nominated cats gained BIS.
 Overall 78.94% of class 2 entries were nominated, 49.12% gained BIS so 62.22% of all nominated entries gained Best In Show.
 n 01 63 and n 09 24 were the most popular colors for entries.
During the year 2 BIVs were given for class 2 entries (both for BSH).
 By the base color, n (black) was by far the most popular with 59.64% of entries.
 54% of all entries for class 2 did not have any amount of white.
 44% did not have any tabby markings.
 The chart below shows the amounts of entries per judge. Mrs. Helene Reiter had 10.52% of all class 2 entries assigned to her.
 Most of the class 2 entries were assigned for Polish judges
 During September there was the greatest amount of class 2 entries entered to shows
 and majority of the entries (38.59%) were entered to shows held in Warsaw.
 And amounts of class 2 entries per organizing club.
 There were higher amount of entries for Saturday than Sunday.
If you wish to check out other statistics, take a look here.

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