Thursday, December 28, 2017

2015 & 2017 statistics - Turkish Van (TUV)

Below you can find the statistics from Polish FIFe catshows for Turkish Van. Due the very low amount of entries, the statistics of years 2015 and 2017 are combined.
The individual statistics for 2016 you can find behind this link.

During 2017 there were total of 9 entries for TUV.
 Majority of the entries were for male cats.

The chart below shows the colors per year
 and cats entered per class per year. Overall during 2017 44% of all entries were for neuters (this is 57% of all adult entries)
During 2017 there were no absences for TUV.
2015 had absence percentage of 33% and 2016 33%.

55.55% of all TUV entries during 2017 were nominated (2015 and 2016 did not have any nominated cats). 2 entries (22.22% of all TUV entries, 40% of nominated entries) gained Best in Show result during 2017.
Judges who evaluated TUV during 2017
Judges who evaluated TUV during 2015

Turkish Vans were presented in following shows during 2017

More statistics you can find from here.

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