Saturday, August 16, 2014

Burning Soul OSHd 25 -In new home

Hello guys and gals!

My name is Burning Soul Via Nocturna*PL - tho I am called as Reddie due my gorgeous coat which is like a flame. I am very active little kitten, and I love playing and climbing (I was the first one to conquer the magnificent climbing tree!).

As they say, pictures tell more than thousand words, so below are few pictures of me at age of 5 weeks. I am quite handsome, you have to agree with that!

My Daddy is longhair oriental IC Rimppakintun Aamuvarhain (Warre) and Mommy is shorthair LadywithRed Van Crystaltina*PL. At the cattery site is my pedigree, where you can see my relatives, and also pictures of my Mommy and Daddy.

I was told, that I can stay with this family here until I am at age of 14 weeks, but then, I should move to my new humanslaves, who would pamper me and feed me and love me. I have quite charming character (so I am not just all about looks!).

Are you my new human mommy/daddy?
If you think you wanna spend a very long time with me, rest of my life I mean, you can send an email to my human mommy and tell me a bit about yourself!

Oh and not to forget... I will move registered, microchipped, vaccinated and have my own personal passport! If needed, human mommy can help with arranging the transportation, as I am living in Warsaw, Poland.

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