Friday, October 25, 2013

Lilith's guide for choosing profession... part 2

As I promised in my previous profession choosing guide, that there will be a second coming... so here it is. If you have not yet seen my previous guide, you can follow the link and check it out first.

But lets start with the new professions!

Cleaning lady
As everyone is always making a mess, someone has to clean it up. So it can be you! Having plenty of hair at the tail will be helpful, when it comes to getting rid of dust from difficult places. It might not sound as a glamour profession, but someone has to do it or we would be up to our knees in filth!
Party Planner
No party is good party, unless there is a professional party planner who makes sure everything is just in the right order and foods and drinks are not forgotten. You like to party all night? Plan for different events and make them perfect? This job might be just what you are meant for!
Here I am fixing up a perfect christmas party with a lot of snowflakes
Sometimes, even the fanciest porslain gods have problems and an emergency call to a plumber has to be made. (This also occasionally goes to the kitty litter boxes if a very heavy load has been delivered there and the smell can be... quite overwhelming. It is then better to call for assistance than try to dismantle the stinky bomb on your own).
Kira is experienced plumber and uses the toys to test that the porslain god is now working as intented
Good at sports? Why not make it as a way for your living. Practise hard every day, feel the sweat running on your skin, go for jogging when it is -20c and windy. But all that hard work pays off as you can watch your huge muscles in the mirror and admire them. If you win competitions after all the hard work, you might get some glory and even some money.
mmm.. just a NO for being an athlete. Too much work. Too much exercise. Too much everything.
Travel coordinator
You like to travel, but got no money for it? Well, I have a solution for you! Become a travel coordinator! Plan your dream trips for everyone else, get some money out from your services and in the feelings of envy for those rich bastards who gets to go to Miami, remember on the last moment to rebook their flights to middle of Siberia at wintertime... as one way ticket. If they call back from there, just tell that there might have been a small problem and that you are taking care of it as best as you can, while packing up your suitcase and fleeing to Canada.

And as again.. if everything else fails, you might seriously consider becoming a cat with worthy humanslaves... Sleep all day and be pampered and treated as a royalty what you truly are. Tho getting to be a cat is not easy, and the criteria is quite high. Second best thing I think is to find a rich husband/wife who takes you often to the GlamourLand of Miami and you get to enjoy sun and beaches and drinks all day long. If that wont work.. well you can always dream of glamour and become a glamour star yourself! More about this coming up in my next guide!

~  Lilith The Mighty Minikitten

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