Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Liliths guide for summer activities

Summer is here! Time for sun, green nature and loads of freetime for most of us. So because of this wonderful season, I decided to make a small guide for summer activities you can practice without leaving the safe insides of your house. Even travelling is fun, I think I will not allow my humanslaves to abandon me so they'll enjoy the activities I drafted up for them.

So lets begin

As not too many of us actually have their own swimmingpools at home, there is still hope to get your fur wet! Just go to your bathtube and enjoy floating around. If you do not have a bathtube, you can use shower. Close your eyes and relax and imagine the Ocean waves washing over your skin...
Just remember, after this you'll be soaking wet and drying yourself up will take a while!

Going to Summerhouse
Many people own their summerhouses and like to spend time there. So, instead of leaving there this year, you can always make your own castle at home and make it as you want! Easy! You just need some boxes, bedding and imagination! And this way you'll avoid all the darn mosquitos... If you want more authentic summerhouse feeling, leave the windows open to get the mosquitos inside. Tho I do not recommend lightning up a campfire inside...

Mr. Elb in his Summerhouse
Gardening is something I do all year around, but summer is my favorite time for this! All the plants and flowers are so nice and growing, so it opens up so many new possibilities!
This year we were early with gardening and put some tomatoes to grow...
Here is MotherHen Agares heating up the small, growing tomatoes
And finally, you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of hard labor and enjoy the feast!
"It was worth the hard work" - says Mr.Elb
And if you think gardening is too hard, you can always go online and play some Farmville!
Playing Farmville is hard!
Soccer, baseball, tennis... all those sports requiring a ball of somesort are good for summer. As big sized balls can be hard to handle inside, there are other options. Ball of thread, aluminium foil etc. will do well! Just watch out when kicking it to not destroy the insides of my kingdom!
NanoSurgat playing
Oh my favorite! Just let the rays of sun dance on your skin and relax on its embracing warmth. For humans tho... if you live in areas that have a lot of other humans it is NOT recommended to strip naked and lay on grass...

What would be more peaceful than go next to a lake (to be eaten by mosquitos) and start fishing, standing there for all day long and wait for the fish to catch a bait (while being eaten by mosquitos) and at evening finally come back home with nothing more than itching mosquito bites all around your body. Save yourself from this torture, and just go and visit the shop and buy some fresh fish from there. Noone has to know it was not your catch! (note : if you went to an inland lake, do not expect people believing you catched some tuna from there...)
If you want to still practise your fishing skills, lets do it this time like bears do it. So take your paws... err.. hands from your keyboard and imagine all those fishes on the carpet next to you. Kneel down next to them and start catching! You can use roll of toiletpaper as an example as your "fish". Catch the "fish" to your paws...hands... and killshake it firmy with your mouth. If it still struggles, use more efficient ways of killing it before eating it. Sushitime!
NanoSurgat demonstrating fishing tactic
Grilling and Cooking
Summer is time for loads of fresh food and berries and shroomies and and... So why not to cherish this moment and enjoy them! I already posted a warning about making a campfire inside your apartment, and this also goes for firing up a grill. It might cause the firealarms to go off and plenty of handsome firemen coming to visit you (hint for single girls!)
And if you are not a masterchef (like I am), you can just give up the ideas of cooking and grilling and go and buy a pizza.
During summer months many go to see new places and explore them. I can tell you, that you can do this at your home! When was the last time you checked whats hiding behind your cabinet or pc screen? There can be quite a few suprises waiting for you!
One of my absolute favorites... Just lay back and relax! Summer is time for many many wonderful things, but what we all should do during our summer vacations is just relax!
Mr.Elb relaxing
I know I've missed many of the great summer activities, but I have to leave something for your imagination too!

~ Lilith the Mighty Minikitten

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