Monday, March 5, 2012

Masterchef Lilith - how to bake buns

Baking and cooking is something most people do everyday. Here my dear readers I am presenting you my kitchen and how to make proper buns. Remember, that as a cat, you are in the end responsible that the food comes out properly, and it is very important to be involved in cooking from the beginning.

Before we go off to work, it is good to pay a visit to the toilet so the "need" wont hit you on a critical moment. Even tho this toilet usage often causes our humanslaves say words like "I do NOT go to toilet and walk over my poopoo and walk over your food with bare feet afterwards" It is easiest just to close your ears from such mumbling...

After this we can begin by cleaning up the table. The kitchen should always be very clean. Here I am showing my humanslave how to clean the table well. I usually take full speed and charge around the wet table having the tablecloth in my paws. Clean, isnt it ?!

And then we get into business. Today my dear readers, we are baking buns. This delicious finnish treat, that will melt your tastebuds, no matter are you two lagged or walk with four legs.

At first, we start by measuring the ingredients.

At here too it is good to use the "pawliter" as a measurement, so there will be as an example, enough salt in the dough.

It is also very good to mix all the dry ingredients together before the liquid is added. Again, using both front paws together will make a better end result.

Here our little prepchef Agares is supervising the amount of butter used in baking, before it is placed into a pan on a stove. As the humanslave has failed and put too much butter out, the helpful prepchefs Aga and Nano are removing the extras by licking. As my helpers are still beginners, I am right there checking that all is going good.

Also do note, that it is good to check the saltiness of the margarine planned to be used to fill the buns. Noone should trust what the packet says, but use the tastetest.

And then we can begin baking.

To see that the dough is ready to be baked, it is good to test it by stretching. Do not trust the human eye test, but do it yourself as I show you in picture below.

And if we want to make buns with filling, it is important to spread the dough well before adding the filling. Here you can see how I have used my gentle paws to make sure all is in order.

And before putting the buns to the oven, to make them come out nice and brown you should spread some egg on top of them. If you have no eggs available, the cat drool will suit the purpose. You can test it yourself!

Buns go to oven and we wait... the endresult is tasty!

And if it happens that your humanslave fails, you can always type your order for pizza in internet and enjoy that as a lunch. Remember the extra olives tho!

And now my catfriends... lets go to kitchen and show humans how buns are made !

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