Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lilith the horticulturist

As summer is drawing near, mommy makes again some plans for planting some flowers on our balcony. Last years, I've been very helpful with this task, and cared a lot of the wellbeing of my flower friends. I've collected few photos to share with you my dear readers, so you can see my "green thumb" in action.

Guide for taking care of your flower friends - By Lilith the Mighty Minikitten
First of all, it is very important to rip off all old leaves from the plants. Best tools for this are paws, claws and teeth.

After this is completed, we can move to next step. Every spring the plants should receive fresh dirt. To start the procedure, it is easiest just to dropp the plants on the floor, so Mommy can come and clean up the mess and proceed with changing the dirt.

Then we can move forward to putting fresh dirt for the plants. Firstly, it is important to check that it is proper stuff, and not just some random dirt. I usually use my delicate and trained paws for checking it out with a random "digtest".

After I've given a go-ahead for Mommy, she can now place the dirt into jars used for the plants. Ofc this is again a very delicate project and I am always supervising and checking that there is enough dirt for my flower friends.

If there is too much dirt, I am gently digging it out, and to help out Mommy in cleaning, I usually put it under carpets or tablecloth. I know she appreciates me being a clean kitten and not leaving a mess behind me!

Finally it is time to go for business and place the flower friends into the jars and enjoy the view ! I am tho often going to talk to my flower friends... people say it increases the growth and makes them a lot happier. I know this has to be true!

Next time you are planning to fix your flowers for summer, let your cats come and help you out! We can do miracles !

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