Thursday, April 5, 2018

2013 statistics - Sacred Birman (SBI)

During 2013 83 Sacred Birmans (SBI) were entered to Polish FIFe catshows.
from all the entries 2 (3%) were litters

Colors of the entered cats

Base colors of the entered cats

18% of entries had tabby pattern

Entries per show class.

27.7% of entries were kittens/juniors
67.5% were adults (classes 1-10)
out of adults 4% were neuters

Results gained. 3% of entries were absent

28.9% of entries were nominated and 4.8% gained BIS. This is 17% of nominated entries receiving BIS.

Judges and amounts of entries

Entries per country of judge

entries per month of show

Entries per city of show

Entries per organizing club
For other statistics, take a look here.

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