Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2014 statistics - Sphynx (SPH)

Below are the statistics from Polish FIFe catshows for year 2014 for breed Sphynx (SPH).

There were total of 277 entries for the breed and three of those were litters (class 16)

Majority of the entries were female cats

n (black) was the most popular color

37% of the entries had black (n) as their base color. 

Amounts of white

18% of entries were tabbies

Entries per class

12.27% of entries were absent on the day of the show

24.18% of the entries were kittens/juniors (classes 11 and 12)
74.72% were adult cats (classes 1-10)
Out of adult cats 5.31% were neuters.

19.13% of the entries were nominated
3.97% of entries gained BIS/BOS result
This comes to 20.75% of all nominated cats gaining BIS/BOS result

BIS/BOS result per class

BIV results per class

BIVs per color

7.22% of all SPH entries were assigned to Mr. Sebastian Pruchniak

27.07% of all SPH entries landed on Polish judges

Entries per month

per city of show

and per organizing club.
For more statistics, take a look here.

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