Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 & 2015 statistics - Turkish Angora (TUA)

During 2017 there were just two entries for TUA.

Turkish Angora is one of the rarest breeds in Polish FIFe catshows. Due the very small amount of entries proper statistics cannot be created. This post combines also the statistics from 2015. During 2016 there were no entries for Turkish Angora.

2017 entries were for ns 24 and 2015 for ns 22.

The entries were for Class 12 and excellent was given.
2015 one of the entries received nomination.

During 2017 both entries were evaluated by Mrs. Laura Scholten from the Netherlands.
The entries were present in January show held by SMK Jedynka.

During 2015 Mr. Martin Kabina from Czech Republic evaluated both entries. Entries were present in SCC show in Lodz.

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