Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 statistics - Cornish Rex (CRX)

There were 165 entries for CRX in Polish FIFe shows during 2017.

The amount of CRX entries has been on decline.

55% of entries were for females and four litters were entered to the shows.
 The amount of female entries has been rising since 2015.
 The most popular color was d (13.33% of all entries).
 The table below shows the popularity placement (from 1st to 10th place according to 2017) during years 2015 to 2017.
 From the base colors, n (black) was by far the most popular.
 48% of all entries did not have any white markings.
 and only 2% of entries did have tabby markings.
 The cats were entered to show classes as follows.

 The chart below shows the amounts of entries as percentages from 2015 to 2017.
 21.77% of all adult entries during 2017 were neuters.
 and 75.15% of all entries were adult cats
 and 22.42% were kittens/juniors (classes 11 and 12)
 The cats gained results from show classes as follows.
 Only 8 cats were absent on the day of the show.
 This gives 4.84% as absence percentage.
 Chart below shows the amounts of cats nominated per show class
 and cats gaining BIS/BOS per class
 46.46% of all CRX entries were nominated
 and 20.60% gained Best in Show
 This is 44.73% of all nominated CRX entries gaining BIS.
 8 BIVs were given during 2017. The chart below shows the distribution of them by show class.
 This comes to 4.84% of all CRX entries gaining BIV.
 Following colors received BIV.
 Most of the entries were evaluated by Mrs. Helene Reiter.
 and by Dutch judges.
 The chart below shows the amounts of entries per month
 More cats were entered for Saturday than Sunday
 And 55.75% of CRX entries were entered to shows held in Warsaw.
 Lastly, chart showing the amounts of entries per organizing club.
According to the NW competition points from website, the most winning CRX entry was
SC R'Kenzo Twisted Dream (CRX a)

More statistics you can find behind this link.

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