Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2016 statistics - MCO

Below you can find the statistics for breed "Maine Coon". As earlier, the data has been gathered from website and due human errors there might be mistakes.

During 2016 there were 1904 coonies in the show (amount of entries, not individual cats). This means that 21% of the cats signed for shows were coons.

54% of the coons presented in the show were female, this is 3% lower than average.

First lets look closer to the litter classes. In Poland 48 litter classes were presented for MCO during 2016. Litterclass (16) consists of minimum three kittens from the same litter and are placed in order 1-4.
The following chart shows the results

There were 21 nominations and 15 BIS litters in total. This means that 71% of the nominated MCO litters were given BIS. 7% of MCO litters were absent on the show day.

The below chart shows the different colors and split between sex (yes, there is one tortie MCO male)

Below you can see the amount of entries per class. For this chart I excluded litters as they were presented already at the beginning of this post.

There were 204 absences in total (10,7% from total amount of entries)
13,5% of the males were absent on the show day and 8,7% from females.

The following chart shows the results given for MCOs during 2016.

Males received 345 certificates during 2016 and females 375.
The table below presents the percentage of MCO that received BIV, NOM or BIS.
The chart below shows MCOs evaluated by judge and split by sex (male, female and litter)
At the below the chart comparing the MCO entries per the country of judge is presented.

And finally, MCOs per month/show
If you want to read more statistics, please take a look here

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