Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Szczecin Cat Show 1.-2.4.2017

So, on Friday we took off to head towards the coast, to Szczecin (I really want to by more vowels to that place name!). Travel was quite uneventful and first surprise came after arrival to the city, the politeness of the people. Even the taxi driver was full of smile and happy to transport me for the couple kilometer distance to my hotel.
After paying a nominal fee with tip (still like 4 euros in total!) I got our room in Hotel Gryf. The hotel decor definitely remembered communism times even it was obvious some renovations were done. But the room was big and bed was good, what else I can hope for.

So after sleeping few hours it was time to pack up the cats and head towards the catshow. With me was our housecat NW15 Lilith, DSM and our first ever classical tabby from our own breeding, Itzpzpalotl Via Nocturna - OSH c 22 - alias Hyvinkaa.
On Saturday both of the cats were nominated and Lilith won her Best in Show. Hyvinkaa was facing against a beautiful devon rex and the votes were tied. But in the end, Hyvinkaa won the draw and got her first ever Best in Show at age of 7 months.
On Sunday Lilith was shining again and was nominated and won Best in Show. Also our Hyvinkaa was nominated and in the panel she won BIS with ALL votes.
Needless to say I am very proud of our young girl. Greatest compliments she received from her pattern and her awesome eye color.

I had a great pleasure to carry such great cats in the panel for both days and as a steward receiving compliments from the owner means for me a lot :) Thank you all who entrusted your cats to my hands for the Best in Show ring.

Now it is time to rest for few days before we head out again on Friday towards Lubon show.
This is going to be a very busy year in the shows, and not just for showing our cats.

Thank you Szczecin and see you again next time!

And just to add... there will be bigger updates coming to our cattery website later this week, so please stay tuned :)

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