Monday, March 20, 2017

Some news from the weekend

On Saturday evening two gorgeous girls moved to our home from Finland. I proudly welcome FI*Acousticat's Fire in Cairo (SIA q 03) and FI*Acousticat's FridayImInLove (BAL q). These two ladies are going to be part of our longhair breeding program and we are hoping that in few months there will be some kitten news coming.
I would like to give great thanks for the breeder and previous owner of the girls, Katariina Tirkkonen, for entrusting the ladies to us as well as big thanks for our friends Henna and Terhi for taking care of the girls until they were ready to move.
Couple pics below, better pics will be coming soon :)

On Saturday also Kiran Kirous (OSH h 24) and Kiran Kohtalo (OSH c 25) moved back to us from their surrogate family where they were growing with other litter. Was so nice to get the babies back and huge thanks for Marzena for caring for them. They were nice and fat little babies. Kiran Kohtalo (OSH c 25 male) is looking now for his loving pet home.
Kiran Kirous - OSH h 24 - RESERVED for breeding

Kiran Kohtalo - OSH c 25 male - AVAILABLE
And so that news wont end... On Sunday five of our kittens left to their new forever homes. I am so happy to be blessed with so nice homes for our babies, and this made the farewells bit easier (even tho tears are always shed). Good luck babies in your new homes and I know you will conquer the hearts of everyone you ever meet!
J's in Daddy Daycare

Jailhouse Rock "Elwis"

Justify My Love

Just Lose It "Ymmi"

Ixtlilton & Itztlacoliuhqui (and our Hyvinkaa on right)
Our cattery website will be soon updated with some interesting kitten plans. Stay tuned!

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