Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 - interesting year ahead

This year is going to be very interesting, at least if some of the plans will hold and come reality.

Our show year begins 21st of January here in Warsaw, when I-litter kittens will be presented first time. They are growing very promisingly. Ixtlilton will move to Finland and Itzpzpalotl will stay here at home with us.
Itztlacoliuhqui is still looking for his loving pet home.
Ixtlilton & Itzpxpalotl

J-litter kittens will enter the show ring at end of February. I have very high hopes for this litter :) Alli-Elina (Jewels n'Drugs) will stay in future breeding program and move to Finland to wait coming of age.

We got some interesting litters planned for this year. First of all Gehennas (Anneli) - SIA g - will be mated. She is daughter of our Lady and Miziu.
Lady and Siru are also planned to be mated with our Forcas.
So looking forward for the upcoming litters. You can find more information about them from here.

There are also some bigger surprises coming for later this year, but more about those when they actually come to reality. But for now, it really looks to be exciting year ahead of us!

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