Monday, November 7, 2016

Story behind J-litter...

This litter is very important for us, it was a designed litter to combine two wonderful cats and do a selective linebreeding to our queen Lady (CH LadywithRed Van Crystaltina). Due the inbreeding % (12,5%) , these kittens are not available for breeding. One or two of the females will stay as part of our breeding plans and will be bred with full outcross in next generation.

The kittens were born (well, four of them) 25th of October, and last two came as "late delivery" exactly 24h later. The birth went well and all six kittens have been growing fast since.

The sire is our NW15 SC Blackrock Via Nocturna, JW (OSH n 03 25) and dam is lovely Darkmoon Via Nocturna, JW (OSH n).

The babies were named after songs and we have in the nest the following kittens:

Jailhouse Rock - osh a 03
Just lose it - osh a
Jailbreak - osh b
Jewels n' Drugs - osh n 03
Just Push Play - osh n
Justify my love - osh n 24

This has been a miraculous litter various ways. One of the things noted from the birth was the extremely short coat (and yes, the dad is variant and carries the longhair gene!). The kittens also have very promising profiles already at the very young age.
I just cannot wait to see how they will develop, and I hope that most of them will find homes as show alters.

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