Monday, October 24, 2016

I-litter and story behind it...

I-litter was born on 20th of September, 2016. The parents of the litter are as follows :
Sire: Graffias Adoro*LT (OSH a)
Dam: CH Konigsegg Van Crystaltina (OSH b 03 25)

Huttul (the dam) has some lack with her eyecolor, as well as her eyes are quite deep set, so we hope that mating with Graffus (the sire) improves the situation. Huttul is very big female, and combining it with big male, we expect quite big sized babies.

There were five kittens in the litter, one was stillborn (based on the size died around age of 45-50days of gestation) and one was full term, but dead at birth. The full term was blue bicolor.

The labor was fast and without any problems, even I was very ill (bacon tried to poison me and caused severe foodpoisoning). I think I will never forget this labor in my life!

The kittens were named after Aztec gods.
Ixtlilton (OSH b 03) - god of healing, feasting and games
Itzpzpalotl (OSH c 22)  - goddess of Agriculture, Itzpapalotl, the Obsidian or Clawed Butterfly, the Feminine Warrior. She is one of the Tzitzimime, the powerful and dangerous star daemons. Itzpapalotl rules over Tamoachan.
Itztlacoliuhqui (OSH n 03 25) - the Curved Point of Obsidian, the god frost, ice, cold, winter, sin, punishment and human misery. He is the god of blind-folded justice.

So, as you can see above, we got out FIRST classical tabby baby. This was the litter I least expected to get one, so it is quite obvious that we will keep this girl in our breeding. I was hoping to get one girl from Huttul to keep at home, and she really gave us the jackpot.

The other two, the boys are quite nice, tho the biggest problem with them is the lack of white for showing them.

The kittens are developing very well, and turning out to be quite big, fat babies. Huttul really has some nice milk!

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