Sunday, October 16, 2016

H-litter and the story behind

Our H-litter was born 27th of August, 2016.
The mother is CH Wildhawk's Bena, JW (OSH n 24) - alias Siru, our Finnish import.
Father is Graffias Adoro*LT (OSH a) - alias Graffus. He has the most amazing eye color I have seen in orientals for a very long time.

So, what made the decision to make this litter (as always, there has to be a reason behind, and increasing the amount of cats is not a valid one!).
First of all, the main reason was to mate two cats with excellent eyecolors to ensure eyecolor that is according the breed standard - green. This has been a vanishing trait during the past years in oriental breeding and more and more yellow, as well as even orange eyed cats are used for breeding.
Second reason was to combine two PRA-negative, healthy cats to bring (hopefully) long living and healthy offspring. This is something that I cannot say of succeeding in this litter yet, time will show.

All the kittens show a lot of promise regarding their eyecolor. They are now 7 weeks old, and the color is developing very nicely. Also all kittens have really nice foreheads. Their profile could use some improvement, but as learned from past litters - this is actually one of the easier things to "fix" in future generations.

In the litter there are 6 kittens in total. 3 boys and 3 girls.
The birth was very easy, and I have to say I have never worked as "midwife" with such a fast and problem free labor. I just felt like the kittens were falling out from mommy without any effort.

They have been growing very nicely and fast. Mommy cat has more than enough milk to go around for her babies and the six juniors keep visiting the milkbar frequently.

Currently all six babies are still looking for their loving homes. 

More information and pictures you can find from our cattery website.

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