Monday, March 12, 2018

2016 Statistics - Class 2

Below are the statistics from Polish FIFe catshows (year 2016) for class 2.

If you wish to check out statistics per class and year, take a look here.

There were total of 55 entries to this class during the year. This is 0.62% of all entries to the show.

53% of the entries were male

Out of all class 2 entries, 58% were from category 2

Amount of class 2 entries per total of cats per category

Entries to class 2 per breed

Entries per breed as numbers and percentages out of total amount of entries

Entries per color

Entries per base color

Amounts of white

Tabby pattern


75% of all entries in class 2 were nominated

Amount of nominations and percentage of entries nominated

BIS/BOS results overall

Amount of entries gaining BIS/BOS result

Percentage of nominated entries that gained BIS/BOS

Judges that evaluated class 2 entries during 2016.

23.63% of all class 2 entries were assigned to Polish judges

Entries per month

per city of show

per organizing club

There were more entries on Sunday than Saturday

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