Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 statistics - American Curls

During 2017 there were total of 54 entries for ACL and ACS.
This means that 0.59% of all entered cats were either ACL or ACS.

37 American Curl longhairs were entered and 17 American Curl shorthairs.

Below chart shows the amounts of curls entered to shows during 2015-2017. There has been solid increase of curl entries in shows.
 Majority of the entered curls were female.
 Most popular colors were n 22 and a 22.
 When the color is broken down, n, ns and a were the three most popular colors.
 Most of the entries (55%) had some amount of white.
 Most popular tabby pattern was 22 (blotched tabby). Only five of the entries (9.25%) were solid cats without any tabby pattern.
 Below chart shows the entries per show class.
 and the distribution of the cats in show classes per year (2015-2017).
 The amount of neuter cats has been increasing since 2015.

Only 5.5% of the entries were absent during show day 2017.

Below chart shows the results gained by curls in shows.
 In total there were 26 nominations for Best in Show. The chart below shows the nominations per show class and breed. This means that 48% of all curl entries were nominated.
 18 of the nominated cats achieved BIS result. 69% of all nominated curls gained BIS result (this was 13% during 2016 and 0% during 2015).

 Most of the curls were evaluated by Mrs. Helene Reiter.
 Majority of the curls were evaluated by Polish judges.
 The below chart shows the amounts of entries per month.
 And per city where the show is held.
 Most of the curls participated to shows organized by CCA and SMK Jedynka.
If you would like to read more statistics, take a look here.

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