Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rest in Peace Igu (7th Heaven's Fiorella)

It is a sunny day outside, but inside it is raining. There are just no words to describe the pain that was left behind.

Igu was... Igu. She had her own special things that made her unique.

She came to us as bit by an accident, but what an happy accident it became. With so many ways she was like a dream come true.

At home she often walked around like a ballerina, true star of the stage, enjoying the attention she was receiving.
We called her tail as "funny wormie" as sometimes it felt like it resembled a worm that turned into cat-epillar when she fluffed it up while being happy. 

She was also called "Auntie Igu", as she loved kittens more than anything. She adopted them and took care of them as her own, and everyone who seen her could see how she was radiating happiness around her while in her "duty". Her latest adopted daughter is our Hyvinkaa and these two have been inseparable. They both just belonged together, always caring for each other and sleeping together.
Tonight Hyvinkaa will have to go to sleep without her loved Aunt.

I am sure, that tonight there wont be a single kitten without motherly love as Igu will adopt all them on the other side of the rainbow bridge. This is how she will be remembered always. As the Mother of All Kittens.

There are so many little things I could tell about her, but I let the pictures tell their own story while tears are running from my eyes. This day of having to let her go came too soon.

Thank you Igu for being part of all our lives, and touching our souls with your beautiful white paws. Those paw prints are embedded into our hearts forever.

Igu and her adopted daughter Hyvinkaa

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