Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lilith 8 years old!

So the time has passed, hard to believe it that Her Highness already turned 8 years old.
Below are few pictures of her own birthday party and dinner.
As usually, she was given tuna on a leaf of crispy salad, decorated with fresh dill (she wont eat her tuna otherwise)
Human, why are you interrupting my beauty sleep? 
What is this humble offering ?
This is poison! There is not enough dill! Your ruler is not amazed!
Yes, go to the kitchen and get more fresh dill! 
A lot better. You shall live to see another day.
*nom nom nom*
Agreed, it is tasty.
Your god thanks you for this humble offering

During these years living with Her Highness many things has happened. Since 2012 (has it really been so long ?!) we have participated in catshow from where the greatest result came 2015 when Her Highness received title NW (National Winner). Here in Poland housecats compete for the title with the breed cats, so it is an achievement worth mentioning. She has also been Best In Show 54 times!

Lilith is also a very important spokesperson regarding housecats and that the housecats are not any worse than their pedigreed cousins.

I hope that we shall still have many, many wondrous years ahead of us!

Congratulations Lilith!

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